“Quantum phenomena do not occur in a Hilbert space. They occur in a laboratory”
Asher Peres, 1995.

Our laboratory is part of the Laboratorio Nacional de Materia Cuántica: Materia Ultrafía e Información Cuántica, led by Dra. Rocío Jáuregui Renaud.

We have the necessary equipment for the generation and characterization of structured light, both in amplitude, phase and polarization. We have several spatial light modulators (liquid crystals and DMD). For the characterization we have polarimeters, wavefront sensors (Shack-Hartmann) and optical elements for 405, 633 and 810 nm (waveplates, q-plates, polarizers, prisms, etc.).

For the moment, we only have a single optical table where we have all our experiments. We have three main experiments:

  1. The one in the black box contains the source of photon pairs using SPDC. We want to generate structured photon pairs for applications in quantum metrology and quantum information.
  2. In one corner we have the geometric phase polarimeter. As mentioned in the home page, we want to measure polarization properties of materials by measuring the geometric phase.
  3. In the other corner, we are testing the Shack-Hartmann to measure the content of Orbital Angular Momentum. For that, we use a SLM to generate a particular beam profile and then we observe its wavefront with the SH.

These are photos of the new laboratory space. It was moved during the summer of 2018. So, we have to reinstalled our projects.


January 2019


January 2019


January 2019

Laboratorio de Optica Cuantica