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Optical forces

The Matlab code to visualize the effects of structured forces on nanoparticles can be found in MATLAB central. Follow this link.

Histogramming using a digital oscilloscope

The Matlab code related to our work about counting and timing photons using a digital oscilloscope can be downloaded here:

1.  Simulation of time-correlated and time-uncorrelated photons
This program generate the coincidence histogram for time-correlated and time-uncorrelated photons.

2. Oscilloscope automatization for photon counting and timing
This program executes a continuous data acquisition of individual photons signals generated by an entangled twin photon source.
3. Coincidence histogram of correlated photons
This program process the signals captured by an oscilloscope to get the coincidence histogram.

Laboratory activities for undergraduate students (Spanish)

These are the activities that we implemented in an advance laboratory course for undergraduate physics students. The activities are in Spanish:

For further information, you can see our SPIE Proceedings paper.